Review Mechanism for Unsuccessful Applicants

Decline of Account Opening – Request for Review

Bank of Baroda Hong Kong is committed to offering fair, swift and courteous services to all our customers, prospective customers and the general public, at all times.

But, there could be occasions where there is dissatisfaction or difference in viewpoint leading to escalation of issues or complaints. While we have a separate complaint handling policy, what is dealt here are only matters related to opening new accounts. If you feel that your request for opening an account with us has been turned down unreasonably by the frontline staff or manager, you have the option to request to the top management to review the decision. You can write, email or visit our in person to request for a review of the decision on the application. You may submit additional documents or proof, as may be deemed fit, with the request. Your request will be evaluated promptly, effectively and in a positive manner by the senior management including the CE/ACE and suitable action will be taken.

Account Opening Review Procedure

1) If you approached us for opening an account and your request has been turned down for any reason, you may opt to apply to the senior management to review the decision.

2) We will acknowledge your review application promptly. You may submit additional documents or proof, if deemed fit.

3) Our Senior Management will evaluate your case in a fair and just manner and inform you the final response within 7 days of receipt of your representation. If we are unable to provide you with a final response within this time, we will send you an update.

4) Wherever opening your account is possible, (provided the requirements for opening the account are complied with under AML-KYC guidelines) we shall arrange to open your account within 7 days. If, for any reason, like restrictions due to Policy or regulatory issues, your account cannot be opened by us, the same will be intimated to you in writing.