Export Finance

Our branches in Hong Kong provide all types of services to meet your requirements of export finance. If you are an exporter, we can help you with advising of your export Letter of Credit, confirming the L/C and its negotiation. We also provide financing solutions to meet your requirements of export finance.

Advising or Confirming Export L/Cs

For your export business, we offer range of services on documentary credits like advising or confirming your export Letter of Credits. We also open back to back L/Cs under Master L/C issued by buyer of our customers.

Trust Receipt Loans

TR loans are provided to bridge the gap between payment for goods imported under L/C or documentary collection bills and receipt of funds through subsequent sales, thus giving our customers greater flexibility and liquidity. The goods are released to customers under trust receipts.

Negotiation of Export L/Cs

We provide immediate payment to customers on presentation of documents under L/C of branches of Bank of Baroda in India/abroad; and all major Indian Banks and Banks located in other countries at attractive prices.

Purchase of Export Documents

We purchase/discount export documents in both kinds of export documents viz.  Documents against Payment (D/P) and Documents against Acceptance (D/A).

Export Invoice Financing

To tide over any cash flow problems arising from the credit terms to the buyers, the exporter can avail invoice financing pending payment by their buyers.

Export Bills for Collection

We offer efficient handling of commercial and financial documents for exports at competitive prices. We have network of correspondent banking arrangements to facilitate the same.

Credit facilities against LOU/Standby L/C

Firms in Hong Kong which are a branch/ subsidiary/ associate of an Indian Company can be granted credit facilities for meeting their export/import requirements, under LOU/SBLC given by bankers of their parent company.

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For enquiries, please contact

Branch Name Phone E-mail
Central  Mr. Ramesh Kumar Chimakurthi 2521 5167  bc.hongkong@bankofbaroda.com